The coalition to save the Carnegie Artist Studios is committed to spreading the word about the social, historic, and cultural injustice occurring within Carnegie Hall. 
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*6/30/60: Carnegie Hall Corporation & New York City sign the lease
4/30/60: Evictions Fought at Carnegie Hall
11/14/77:  Carnegie Hall to End its Live-In Studios for Artists
1/12/78:  Carnegie Tenants Meet
2/26/79:  City Studies Artists Protest over rents at Carnegie Hall
3/12/79:  Saving Carnegie Hall - The Second Time Around
3/22/79:  The Conflict of Interest Corp
5/80:  Carnegie Hall Ousting Tenants
8/17/80:  Carnegie Hall Song Blue Notes Abound
9/80:  Carnegie Hall Tenants Fight Phony 'Office' Leases
10/80:  Legislators Vs. Carnegie Hall Ripoff
10/9/80:  Carnegie Hall tenants May be Facing Last Call
11/11/80:  How do you lose Carnegie Hall?
1/18/81:  Carnegie hall Tenants Wrangle Over Rent Rises
1/31/81:  Time running out for Residents of Carnegie Hall
2/23/81:  The Battle of Carnegie Hall
12/6/81:  Eviction Warnings at Carnegie Hall
1982: How Carnegie Has Evolved Into A Business
2/21/82:  Carnegie Hall Begins $20 Million Renovation
10/82:  Carnegie Hall Management Evicts 86-Year old who Saved Hall
5/17/85:  Carnegie Hall to close for 7 Months Next Year
7/25/85:  Restoration OK : Music to Carnegie's Ears
5/12/88:  Carnegie Hall Marks a Milestone for a Cornerstone
1/5/97: Life Above the High Notes
10/25/00:  At Carnegie Hall a Season of Change and Dissonance
11/12/00:  A Broom Too Stiff at Carnegie
12/26/00:  Presenters and Renters at Carnegie Wait and See